Being in management

I think this was in moma NYC. May have been Guggenheim though. It was a special exhibition anyway. Topfloor, that much I’m certain of. And I think this was an Armani piece, or YSL; Armani most likely. Anyway, it’s gorgeous. Even a man would see that – and men are extremely imperceptive. I think I remember it was designed in the Sixties, but Seventies seems more likely. I would wear this suit at any time in any year of any era. I have a lot of pant suits. I have a slew of skirt suits. I have impossible amounts of designer clothing. I’m a sucker for couture. It’s one of my many weaknesses, or should I say vices. I would never hurt anyone. I hate people who do, or don’t care. These are my sole good streaks, and that I love children, mine included, and that I do not want anything bad to befall them, ever. I am a failure at everything else.

I shared that picture in my company’s grapevine app. The company does wind energy projects. Sent it with the caption ‘Considerable effort notwithstanding not seen any wind mills’. Just the picture and those words. Not the kind of humor to waste on my dear colleagues. Someone replied: ‘I think you mean wind turbines’.

They are the people I’m supposed to manage. They evidence superb humor at table soccer though. They don’t allow me to partake. I used to be very good at table soccer.

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