Who reads this shit anyway?

Israel vs. Palestine

Ah, no, I don’t want to do this.

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Posts about Roma and La Vie Est Belle are not product placement. Fragrances are very personal. They may be nothing more than sentimental reminiscence. I think many women will disagree with me when it comes to Roma. Who would read this shit anyway?


In Need of New Seasons
  • Away
  • Dead to Me
  • Grace & Frankie
  • Orphan Black (arguably)
  • The Bold Type
  • Working Moms
Films based on true events

Avoid. True events are boring. Real life is not interesting – it has no arch. A movie has to have an arch, so movies “based on true events” have an arch, which is why they lack credibility, and which is why I cannot engage with the characters or the storyline; I fall asleep. Documentaries don’t need an arch.

Amazon Prime

Subscribed to it only recently. My daughter recommended “The Boys”. Funny and gory.


I don’t remember movies I have seen. My brain lacks receptors for images. Faces ditto. Don’t remember them. I think I remember my own face. That it is repellent. I have a very good body, a famous ass, nicely curved hips. I got laid often enough. I have googled for face transplants. The face has ruined my life.

I have to bring my eyes back to life. I have to resuscitate the depths in them.

My analytic skills are considerable. My powers of abstraction are deplorable. I can’t do figure sequence tests. Abstract reasoning skills are different from the ability to recognize patterns or analyse risks and make projections based thereon. I’m good at that. But mostly my projections are completely irrelevant. To be able to put projective powers to use one needs to have power of abstraction. I’m a good multitasker. My brain doesn’t work as it should. I’d like to find out why.

But thinking of it, I start to yawn. That is always the problem.

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