Masturbate Don’t Degradate

Many women’s series are quite open about female masturbation. Fleabag, Grace & Frankie, The Bold Type, to name a few. When I masturbate I take the male perspective to look at myself as a woman and what I would do to myself. I doubt that men when they jerk off picture themselves as a woman and fantasize about what they would have themselves being done to by a man. They’d risk instant impotence. Men are alien to me. A good and solid man is warm and reassuring though. I need the stubble. Just writing this I get very horny. I immediately order a deluxe air pressure clit stimulator online, the Womanizer Premium. It has autopilot capability. I throw in a sweet little purse vibrator, with a good press, the Foxy. They come with chargers. I like new things, I like innovation. Even my seat-heated bidet toilets are on an app. Degradation unnerves me. That is why I avoid non-rechargeable battery powered appliances as much as I can.

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