WordPress vs. WordPress

Quite some years ago I had a blog on WordPress. It was called WordPress then (spelled here with a capital “W” and lower cast “p”, which doesn’t show on the public version of this blog; kind of the point I’m making, isn’t it), but Word now punishes use of that name with the hateful squiggly red line – Evil Five do not accept random spelling of brands; they’re invested. As a lawyer I can appreciate that, but part of the way only. At least 50 percent of me is not a lawyer but an outcast, a woman, a writer, a rebel, a misfit, a volcano. All of these hate it for the remainder of the way.

Anyway, I killed the blog. I unsubscribed. I thought I didn’t need writing daily blogs any longer. I’ve kept the content somewhere, in the Cloud I mean. I cannot find it presently but I re-read some of it a couple of months back, little over a year perhaps. The content must still be there. Some of the posts were quite nice. Anyway, my point is, WordPress has become so commercial! I paid USD 96 on AMEX and then another USD 22 on AMEX, which, even though there’s two mil sitting in investments and a 60k balance dispersed in various accounts, I have asked their “engineer” a question about, because I’m totally in the dark here. And even if I’ve always been very good with computers and stuff (I have an Apple smartphone and an Android smartphone and two laptops and every home appliance is connected to WIFI and apps, as applicable, and I thumb all my texts), I don’t really understand WordPress. I don’t know what I’m doing. I don’t even know what people get to see or do not see.

Let’s wait and see what the engineer will answer to my queries.

I do structuring of renewable energy projects. I do bond loans, shareholder agreements. I do FIDIC contracts, project finance. What not. I’m a very commercial person. But I would have preferred being Alice Munro, or Susan Sontag, without the cig, writing The Benefactor.

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