Lessons Learned

Forced by events to give a lot of thought to life – and I mean a lot – I think I have some first takeaways to share.

1. By definition, one is one’s own, hence anyone else’s, mistress (@males: fine, master).

2. Death doesn’t happen to one; it only happens to others.

3. There’s only life; the dead cannot be mourned, revered or bid farewell to – they don’t exist.

4. One cannot grieve but for oneself; collective grieving is spurious.

5. The purpose of our existence cannot possibly be to procure a better future for our children; if it were, what in the name of heaven would our children’s life’s purpose be?

6. Reasons never run out; just stop arguing, and deal with it.

7. For those who do not sleep very well: there are mental buttons to press (I have found two).

8. No, we do not have hidden superpowers in our brains waiting to be uncovered (the famous 90-odd percent or so of unused brain capacity); it simply wouldn’t make any sense from an evolutionary point of view.

The list, even if it is work in progress, may strike one as disappointingly short, coarse and shallow. I’m sorry to have to be so blunt and unwavering about some of the issues on it.

My sincerest apologies.

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