Featherweight In Lunacy And Lucidity

People have asked me how a self-proclaimed lunatic can boast (i) a successful career in law, (ii) being on the board of two tech companies and (iii) having the resources to make substantial investments and buy expensive cars. To that I answer that I can separate doing my job and succumbing to the Sirenic call of liberating madness. Not always though. This accounts for the spectacular turns of my life. In general, people’s lives collapse onto themselves, thicken, become more and more impenetrable, even as time progresses and the world around them evolves. Then they sink, and they die. I, on the contrary, cannot get my own life to gain weight on me, and, displacing time and circumstance, lethally wedge itself snug and secure. I’m a featherweight in lunacy and lucidity.

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