Joaquin Phoenix

Ref. previous post, and earlier posts for this introductory para. I started with the Womanizer. I finished with the Foxy. Ladies are encouraged to emulate the sequence. I orgasmed like seldom before. At roughly USD 300 in machine investment, the orgasm was well worth the expenditure.

Dress by Alberta Ferretti

I watched a movie, Joker, starring Joaquin Phoenix. I had never heard of him. He is very good. The film is not good. It’s very good in a superficial kind of way. There’s very good acting across the cast, which includes Robert de Niro as a supporting actor. But the film is over-the-top. The darkness of the general atmosphere is over-the-top. The eschatological theme is over-the-top. So is the narrative. But not the acting. Despite the intensity of the character played by Phoenix, there is no overacting. There are no takeaways from the film. Joker is a very intense bullshit movie, with a very good cast.

I searched for another movie with Phoenix. I came across You Were Never Really Here.



But I like Joaquin Phoenix a lot.

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