American Made

Now for a very good film: American Made, featuring Tom Cruise. The film is based on a sequence of “real events”, reacquainting us in an incredibly funny fashion with hoodlums and douchebags such as Manuel Noriega, Pablo Escobar, Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush (“George W.”) and Oliver (“Ollie”) North, to name the best known crooks and numbskulls brought back to life. I hate films based on real life. I mentioned this in an earlier post. I stand by the position. But this is one of the exceptions. To except the film is warranted, because it is better than the historical events it takes for an excuse. History is re-scripted and re-sequenced, and, most of all, re-centered towards the main character, Barry Seal, played by Tom Cruise, who in fact never plays anyone but himself.

5′ 10.8″

Tom Cruise is a very good actor. I stand 5.9 ft. Tom is therefore obviously too short for me (or I’m too tall for Tom’s perfect build; fine) to want to have sex with him (for the avoidance of doubt, Tom has never asked me to). But in movies his height doesn’t show, just that he is very handsome, very sexy, very, very funny and a very good actor. Tom Cruise is the kind of actor that makes even the action movies he stars in palatable, because he cannot but play tongue-in-cheek.

Do watch and sit out the closing credits of American Made. They’re among the best you are ever going to see.

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