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I’m no fan of transvestism (‘drag’) in public. My friends know that. They berate me for what they see as annoying narrow-mindedness. The thing is, transvestism is blatant sexual behavior, or in men it is (it’s mostly just fun for women). I don’t like to be confronted with sexual behavior in public, other than court-making (even fiercely). Nor do I see why I would have to put up with it.

I’m tolerant towards transsexuals, nowadays more commonly referred to as transgenders. Gender dysphoria is a medical condition. I’m not tolerant towards people who consider it an ideology. One doesn’t mutilate one’s body for an ideology. Gender dysphoria is a neurological disorder. Logically – and my friends are even more annoyed with me for saying this – if the medical disorder could be remedied by neurosurgery to align the cerebral gender identity with the physiological reality, then that should be the preferred option. But that does not seem to be the case. It is very unlikely that femininity and masculinity are a matter of traceable wiring, that could simply be ‘set straight’. Taking myself as an example, a woman in the genetic (XX) sense, feeling myself a woman is all over the place inside of me. I have no reason to believe that this is different for transgender women. So yes, they have no choice but to go through the entire procedure to align their physical appearance with what the dumb brain makes them feel they are most comfortable with.

I had a transgender woman friend. She hated that she was considered a complex homosexual, that she was grouped against her will with the so-called ‘LGBTQ community’, not just by this ‘community’, which she could stay away from and ignore, but the media, which she had no means of shutting out. You see, she could not make it with homosexual men, as much as it is impossible for any straight woman to make it with a homosexual man (and vice versa). But even the friends of this friend of mine were immune to her implorations, and they kept alluding to, if not simply disclose, her condition in the circles we were in, as if they felt they were under a moral obligation to. After everything my friend had gone through she still wasn’t allowed to simply be the woman that she was.

This friend of mine, a brilliant person, a thoroughly sweet, cultivated, well-read and upstanding woman, has killed herself. Because of that. I’ll always hate the people who occasioned her death.

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