The Constant Itch

Old VS Sequined Dress

Today’s temperature has reached tropical levels. I have a dress which I bought online at Victoria’s Secret more than ten years ago. Even these days I’m being complimented for the way it flatters my curves. The thing is, the dress doesn’t show how flattering it is when it’s on its hanger in the walk-through closet. It rather looks like a sequined sack. This is why modeling, if just for local magazines (as I have engaged in many years ago), has grown to be the big business it is for many decades now. A magazine model causes women to buy clothes they’d never even look at otherwise. Because, let’s face it, the worst piece of shit clothing looks good on a young, happy-looking and well-proportioned woman.

I don’t have just one dress, by the way, I have countless quantities of dresses and every other wardrobe item that one could possibly think of. Why is that? you may ask, or rather a man may ask, since most women don’t care to ask a question that they already know the unflattering answer to. It’s because deep down we are no better than (if not cutting a figure as deplorable as that of) male-to-female transvestites. We don’t see the clothes. We see the picture perfect person who rents out her body to promote them, and by buying what’s she’s wearing we enact her (or anyone like her). Every next time, we want to be enacting the model flaunting her perfect body. So we keep buying. A transvestite, by enacting a woman, will always be working towards his petty sexual climax. It’s a well known fact that women climax happier. They put on the dress… and bam!

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