Front Slit Mocks Hemline

Ref. previous post, not just my friend on Union Square, practically all my friends complained to me: “What’s with all the ‘we’s? Speak for yourself, LADY!” Yeah…they were really aggressive about it. Revisiting the post, I think I understand their feelings about it (as I would those of compulsive cross-dressers, although no such person has yet sent me any hate mail).

Anyway, enough with the Maoist self-criticism, which, dear friends, I assure you was very painful to inflict on myself and has set me straight for many years to come.

Front slit skirt (by Michael Kors)

In an early post I mentioned a couple of Netflix series that are in need of a new season. One of those was the Canadian franchise Working Moms. In a later post I described how the Womanizer Premium and the Foxy made their way into my home (and, subsequently, certain parts of my body). Now here’s the coincidence. The fifth season of Working Moms was recently launched in the country of my exile. And guess what? In the 7th episode Kate gifts the Womanizer Premium (called the SatisfyHer in the episode) to Anne! Well, if the joke about the ear thermometer comes up in any next episode, I will have a little more background on at least one of the three viewers of my blog that the stats say are from Canada.

The picture with this post is of me in a (size 2) skirt by Michael Kors (not the lower tier Michael by Michael Kors line). I was wearing this skirt today. Although one cannot see this in the photo, the front slit is cut so deep that when I sit down I have to keep my legs crossed tight, right up at thigh-level, to prevent my crotch from being exposed to the outside world. The slit is in an almost comical contrast to the skirt’s demure hemline. The slit takes the piss out of the classic silhouette. This is what I call couture. It is one of my favorite skirts.

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