Pants and top by Joseph (Paris, France)

I bought this ensemble by Joseph three years ago in Saint Germain, Paris, France. It’s made of rayon, which, in the right quality, is an extremely nice fabric, cool, with the softness of silk but with sturdier structure, very gratifying to the female body in fit and feel. With the top tugged in, the two-piece looks like a jumpsuit. I think this is the very first time (i.e., for the record, Sunday, June 20, 2021) I’m wearing the complete outfit. The top has a rather intricate mechanism to gather the fabric in various ways (cf. picture). I am extremely clumsy. As my friend with the loft at Union Square can testify I’m incapable of tying a belt of a trench coat in the appropriate womanly way. It’s spatial mathematics of the highest degree to me. I leave the folds as they are and tug the top into the pants’ waistband. When one’s gams are as long and shapely as mine, one can do that.

The Joseph store at Saint Germain, Paris, is a favorite of mine. I’ve been back many times over the past decade. A very nice impression is found in a post at a retail design blog website http://www.retaildesignblog. net: The post dates back to 2013, but the way it depicts front and interior is how I found the store throughout the years.

Stats say the blog has had 56 visitors so far. Not bad, out of 7,000,000,000 people who could be interested. Views stand at 188. Surprisingly, a tiny country in northern Europe, called “Netherlands” on the stats page, which I had to look up on the Internet, registers by far the most views: 130. USA is running up, yet lagging far behind; the 25 views from the USA represent about the number of inner-circle woman friends I have in that nation of nations. Ecuador is in third place with 15 views. I must go there some time, but they’ll have to round up the giant spiders first and relocate them temporarily to giant-spider friendly spider camps. And improve on number of views. I score 9 views in China. They’re in fourth place. Save for the way they are said to be treating the Uyghurs, I’d very much like to call China another favorite nation of mine. However, they’ll have to do better, not just on the Uyghurs, but on drivers for the MSCI China Clean Technology Index ETF, where a small part of my investments is at and which is plateauing for some time now at minus 18 (!) percent.

My apologies for this flimsy post on fashion, stats, the world and money. Next post will be controversial, politically incorrect, abrasive, brutish, mean, blunt, certain to give offense, and/or brimming with self-pity again. Or dish out more of my cheap philosophies.

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